CCISD Volunteers

Anyone who helps on campus during operating hours or at any school-sponsored function when the job involves the potential to be around children must register and be approved as a CCISD Volunteer.

This includes (must register):

  • any booster club member: academic, athletic, music
  • chaperone's (on campus and/or field trips)
  • Guest speakers;
  • PTA executive boards that meet on campus and not in the presence of campus staff
  • VIPS (Volunteers In Public Schools)
  • CCISD employees who volunteer outside their normal job
  • CCISD students who volunteer, are observing, or are completing practicums at another CCISD campus
  • Juvenile Assessment Center Employees volunteering with the Office of Student Support Services (JAC employees click here for specific guidance).


This does not include (does not require registration):

  • Visitors;
  • Parent/guardian having lunch with “own” child;
  • Attendance at after-school PTA meetings and/or events;
  • Attendance at carnivals and/or awards assemblies;
  • Student Teachers, Field Basing, etc., (see the Student Teachers/Observers information webpage)


CCISD Volunteer Guidance:

  • Volunteer registrations are approved for a single school year, expiring on 6/19/2019 for the 2018-19 school year.
  • All volunteers for the 2019-20 school year, must apply/reapply after 6/1/2019. The system will run a new background check at that time, and send a new approval letter.
  • No volunteer shall serve as athletic coaches and/or assist in any athletics practices or games.
  • No volunteer shall cover a classroom by themselves.
  • Although initially screened and approved by CCISD Human Resources, each Campus Principal has the final approval of Volunteers at their campus.


CCISD Volunteer Registration Process:

  1. Complete and submit the on-line Volunteer application at:
  2. All registrations must include the applicant's correct name, social security number, and a physical address.
  3. The application system will immediately run a nation-wide background check.
  4. The completed Volunteer application will then be review by CCISD Human Resources within one (1) business day.
  5. If there are any background check issues, the application will be forwarded to CCISD Police Services for review
  6. Applications are normally approved within 1 to 2 business days.
  7. Approved applicants will receive an email with their 5-digit Applicant ID and a copy of their Volunteer Approval Letter attached.
  8. Approved applicant may then go to any campus with their 5-digit Applicant ID and a valid photo ID (current Driver's License, State Photo ID, or active Military ID Card).
  9. The campus will print the District Policies and Confidentiality Agreement for the volunteer's signature, and keep on file (at the campus) with a copy of the Volunteer's Photo ID.
  10. The Volunteer will be issued a campus ID Badge.


Volunteers under the age of 16:

Any volunteer under the age of 16, including CCISD students who volunteer at, are observing at, or are completing practicums at another CCISD campus, must complete the Underage Applicant Consent and Disclosure form, signed by their parent/legal guardian.

  • Underage volunteers and students must still complete the online application above.
  • Underage volunteers and students must also download the Under Age Consent and Disclosure form
  • Once the form is completed and signed by the applicant's legal parent/guardian, provide the original, signed form to CCISD Human Resources (attn: Mike Phillips). 
  • Approved applicants will receive an email with their 5-digit Applicant ID and a copy of their Volunteer Approval Letter attached.
  • Although initially screened and approved by CCISD Human Resources, each Campus Principal has the final approval of Volunteers at their campus.



If a Volunteer Application is denied, the volunteer applicant will receive an email indicating why the application was denied, and providing a point of contact at CCISD Police Services or at CCISD Administration.

Any person whose volunteer registration process indicates that he/she has been convicted of or received probation for certain crimes may not be eligible to serve as a volunteer for any school-sponsored or school-related activities. Such crimes include, but are not limited to:

  • criminal solicitation of a minor;
  • criminal homicide;
  • kidnapping and unlawful restraint;
  • sexual offenses;
  • public indecency;
  • assault offenses;
  • stalking;
  • robbery;
  • theft;
  • manufacture, delivery, or possession of a controlled substance, including marijuana;
  • making firearms accessible to a child;
  • any offense involving a child.

All applications are subject to the same scrutiny as applications for employment through the CCISD Office of Human Resources.

All applicants may be subject to review at any time, at the discretion of a campus and/or CCISD.

CCISD Volunteer Handbook.

This Volunteer Handbook is an important document intended to help you become acquainted with the expectations of volunteers for Corpus Christi ISD. This document is intended to provide guidelines and general descriptions only; it is not the final word in all cases. Individual circumstances may call for individual attention. Because the District’s volunteer operations may change, the contents of this handbook may be changed at any time, with or without notice, in an individual case or generally, at the sole discretion of District leadership. Please click HERE to read the handbook. On the last page of the handbook is a statement and a link to sign your receipt and acknowledgement of this Volunteer Handbook.

For more information, or assistance with the Volunteer Registration process, please contact Ms. Michelle Almaguer-Aguas at 361-695-7262.

If you experience technical problems with the registration system, please email Include your full name, address, and last 4 of your SSN in the email.