Corpus Christi
Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

CCRDSPD services students ages 0 to 21 at its centralized sites in Corpus Christi and offers Itinerant support to students residing in 38 school districts in Region 2.

Vision Statement
The Corpus Christi RDSPD provides a continuum of services in the least restrictive environment for eligible students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. The purpose is to provide high-quality instruction and access to educational opportunities in order for students to achieve academically, behaviorally, and linguistically. We also strive for self-advocacy for life long goals.


  • To increase student achievement by collaboration between Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) staff and support staff, special education  and general education staff in order to provide exceptional instruction and Total Language approach based on individual student needs
  • To increase student independence and self advocacy
  • Develop student's Communication and Language fluency
  • Student acquisition of literacy in the English language
  • Respecting student's mode of communication



Parents, private or public school personnel, or any other person involved in the care or education of a student may refer a student who is suspected of having an auditory impairment to the RDSPD. Referrals may be made by Corpus Christi ISD (CCISD) teachers or staff.  Other Referrals outside of CCISD can be requested in writing or by telephone to the Corpus Christi Special Education office or any of the Region 2 member districts. The following documentation must be submitted for consideration of the eligibility of auditory impairment (assessments must have been completed within the past three years):

  • A report of aided and unaided audiological assessments by a licensed audiologist
  • A report of otological examination by a licensed Ear, Nose, and Throat physician
  • A report of communication assessment by a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist or certified deaf educator
  • A Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) by a professional certified to administer assessment
  • A Speech-Language assessment by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist
  • A recent report card, if age appropriate

Services for Children Ages Birth to 3 Years

Intra-agency coordination of services to infants with hearing impairments and their families provided in conjunction with Early Childhood Intervention programs, including:

  • Follow-up audiological assessment and fitting of amplification
  • Parent education and direct intervention in the home environment
  • Family access to publications, organizations and support groups

Eligibility, Admission, & Placement

In order to receive services from Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD), a student (0-21 years) must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a hearing loss confirmed by reports from a certified audiologist and an otolaryngologist (ENT)
  • Hearing loss must impair his or her ability to process linguistic information and have a negative impact on academic performance as determined through a communication evaluation administered      by a certified teacher of the deaf. The Full, Individual Evaluation, including communication assessment must be a multidisciplinary assessment conducted by ECI or the student's local school district.

Regional Day School Program for the Deaf Staff

Line636114480980073495Sandra Mayorga-  Coordinator

Cindy Naranjo-  Administrative Assistant

Krista Ramirez-  Accounting Clerk

Tracy Daugird-  RSDPD Counselor

Isaac Farias-  Audiologist

Melissa Jarbeaux Craig-  RDSPD Diagnostician

Judy Brashear- Speech Language Pathologist

Sara Elizondo-Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

RDSPD Newsletters     

Fall 2016 Parent Newsletter
      RDSPD Newsletter636161163199010383       




Parent Resources

Basic American Sign Language (ASL) Class
We are excited to provide this class for our parents.  All are welcomed!

Corpus Christi Independent School District (CCISD)
Regional Day School Program for the Deaf Coordinator 
Sandra Mayorga                (361) 695-7200 ext. 44921

Transition Services
CCISD Transition Coordinator
Dr. Debra Stanley             (361) 878-7960

Texas Workforce Commission
Employment or Vocational Training Programs
(800) 628-5115

Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC)
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Transition Resources for Texas (Videos)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center
Offers ASL interpreters, social services, videophone access, job training/placement, advocacy, outreach, adaptive equipment, and sign language classes.
(361) 993-1154    TTY (866) 933-1154    Video Phone (361)288-8774

Hear Now Program
National non-profit program committed to assisting individuals residing in the US who are deaf or hard of hearing and have no other resources to acquire hearing aids.
(800) 328-8602 ext. 2508

Lion's Club
Provides repaired, used hearing aids.  Items are donated and repaired for use.
(830) 254-6557

Education Service Center, Region 13
Provides parent and teacher information and training 

Gallaudet University
World leader in liberal education and career for deaf and hard of hearing students located in Washington, D.C.
(202) 651-5050

National Association for the Deaf
The National Associatation for the Deaf (NAD) is the nation's premiere civil rights organization of, by, and for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States.

Texas Association of the Deaf
Texas Association of the Deaf is an organization for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.  It is a membership organization that provides information and education including a newsletter and annual conferences.

Texas School for the Deaf
Texas School for the Deaf, located in Austin, TX, is the oldest, continuously operating, publicly funded school in Texas.
Education Service Center, Region 13

Hands and Voices
Parent-driven parent, professional, and community collaborative group dedicated to support families, professionals, and children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

American Society for Deaf Children
Information related to children who are deaf or hard of hearing

Deaf Education in Texas
Statewide Parent Liaisons; Assessments & Evaluations Videos; 
Family Signs Videos(Free online video training American Sign Language and  Signing Exact English(SEE); 
and more.