Speech Services

As a part of the special education team, speech language pathologists (SLPs) evaluate students from age 3 to 21 to determine the presence of a communication disorder with an educational impact. SLPs work with students exhibiting a full range of communication disorders, including those involving language, articulation (speech sound disorders), fluency (stuttering), and voice/resonance. 

SLPs provide intervention that is appropriate to the age and learning needs of each individual student and is selected through an evidence-based decision-making process. Service delivery can vary from direct individual and/or direct group services to indirect services and consultation with teachers.

SLPs provide services to support the instructional program at a school. They work closely with general and special education teachers in addition to other specialists who support students in their education.

SLPs are responsible for meeting federal and state mandates as well as local policies in performance of their duties.



Vision Services

Our team is comprised of four Itinerant Teachers of the Visually Impaired, one Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, and one Vision Paraprofessional. 

Our vision team provides disability specific assessment and specialized direct, consultative and/or collaborative services relating to visual impairments throughout the district. These services enable our students to learn in classroom and community environments. Our infant services are provided in collaboration through our local Early Childhood Education Program and may be administered in the home or at an in-district child care setting. Our students range in age from birth through 21 and may or may not have additional disabilities.


Orientation and Mobility Teacher 

Orientation and mobility (O&M) instruction enables blind and low vision students to learn safe and purposeful travel. 

O&M training is designed to improve the student's grasp of spatial and environmental concepts and use of information received by the senses for negotiating travel. We teach the use of low vision aids and/or the long cane to supplement visual travel skills for navigating the environment. 

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