Orange you glad fresh fruit is part of a healthy breakfast?                         Breakfast in the classroom

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  • Optional & offered free of charge to all CCISD elementary students.
  • Milk, juice & items such as fresh fruit, cheese, cereal, sausage biscuit, pancakes, or pig in a blanket delivered to classrooms every morning.
  • Students enjoy food with their morning office announcements.
  • Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) provides elementary students the nutrients & energy needed to learn, behave, & perform better in school.

How are CCISD's breakfast and lunch menus analyzed for nutritional content?   Software is used to ensure compliance with all regulations and provide students and parents with reliable nutrition information.

USDA Nutrient Analysis Protocols

Why sugar and carbohydrates?   Carbohydrates are our body's fuel source and are the most efficient way to provide the body with energy.  Carbohydrates are converted into glucose (blood sugar) which supply energy to muscles and other organs.

Complex carbohydrates take longer for the body to digest than simple carbohydrates.  A good example of complex carbs are wheat grains.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal served at BIC is made with whole grains.
Simple carbohydrates can be digested very quickly and will cause blood sugar to rise quickly.  Simple carbohydrates provide quick energy and thus need to be consumed in moderation to prevent the rapid increase in blood sugar levels.

Low Glycemix Index Diets