CCISD Office of Legal Services
801 Leopard Street
P.O. Box 110
Corpus Christi, TX 78403-0110

Phone: 361-695-7427
Fax: 361-844-0283 


The Office of Legal Services is the in-house law office for the District, providing legal services for and on behalf of the corporate District, by and through authorized District administrators, under the auspices of the Superintendent of Schools.  The Office is managed by the General Counsel, who is licensed attorney, reports directly to the Superintendent of Schools, and serves as a member of the District Administrator's Team.  The General Counsel routinely provides advice, counsel, or representation to authorized District Personnel as counsel to District alone in no less than the following areas: litigation, employment law, including Title VII, FMLA, FLSA, ADA, ADEA, and Chapter 21 issues; procurement and contract review; student rights and student discipline; Public Information Act; First Amendment; Special Education and 504 matters; family law matters impacting campuses; and responding to subpoenas for District records or testimony from District personnel relating to particular cases or controversies.  The General Counsel does not represent any individual District administrator.

Please take notice that the General Counsel is not counsel for the CCISD Board of Trustees.  CCISD has retained Board counsel through an outside law firm.  Generally the outside law firm, not the General Counsel, sits with the Board during Board meetings and advises the Board regarding legal issues affecting the Board, Board meetings, and Open Meetings issues.  The Board's counsel and the General Counsel work together as necessary to make sure District interests are aligned.

Please note: The General Counsel's, and by extension the Office of Legal Services,' sole client is the body corporate CCISD.  For quality assurance, all calls may be recorded. 

Legal Specialist
General Counsel
Executive Admin Asst



Brian S. Nelson, General Counsel:  Legal issues, contracts, family law issues, training.  Address e-mail to:

Monica Salinas, Legal Specialist:  Open records requests, certain family law issues, update Board policy manual.  Address e-mail to:

Heather Ramos, Paralegal:  Address e-mail to: