Technology Support Services


Office of Technology Support Services
2525 Belton St.
Corpus Christi, Texas 78416

About Us

Technology Support Services (TSS) provides core technology solutions for both academic and business needs. TSS is focused on designing and engineering solutions that will continue to move the District towards an environment that caters to educational needs. This focus includes providing excellent customer service while maintaining systems, performing upgrades and integrating new technologies. This provides an experience in the classroom that will allow for the exchange of ideas and thoughts for today's digital learner. TSS consists of six teams: Help Desk, End User Support, Systems Services, Network Services, Telecom Services, and Fire/Security Services. These teams are responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and support of desktops, mobile devices, printers, interactive displays, data center servers and storage, wired and wireless networks. Every phone call, email, web page, data file and video security feed traverse our network infrastructure.