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    Ms. Debbie C. Nunez, Executive Director of Human Resources

    Kristi Warnke - (361) 695-7212
    Associate Director of Employee Benefits & Risk Management

    Letty Sanchez - (361) 695-7218
    Leave Administration Specialist

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    If you are losing time or planning to lose time from work due to a serious health condition or the serious health condition of an immediate family member or assisting an employee under these circumstances.

    Any employee who is out for more than FIVE (5) consecutive days due to a serious health condition, or the serious health condition of an immediate family member is required to apply for a medical leave of absence by downloading the Request for Personal Illness/FMLA form and submitting to the Leave Administration Specialist for processing. The completed form is used to determine your eligibility for job-protected leave, as well as to request the use of your accrued sick leave beyond the fifth (5th) consecutive date of absence. Upon receipt of the completed request, the employee will then be notified in writing if he or she qualifies for leave, and if so, for how long and how much of that time will be paid using the employee's accrued sick leave.

  • Medical Leave

    Please note that any employee who has been out on a medical leave, or has had a surgical procedure will be required to submit a completed Return to Work/Work Status form to the Leave Administration Specialist for review prior to the intended return to work date. In the event that you have restrictions, please understand that the appropriate Director for Human Resources will need to review your request and determine if an accommodation can safely be made. In the event that it cannot, please understand this is for your safety, and the safety of the students we place in your care. And you will then be notified of your rights and responsibilities moving forward. Notification will be made verbally and in writing regarding approval to return to work once a determination has been made and communication will also be sent to your immediate supervisor so they are aware of your scheduled return date.

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