Salary Statements

  • Salary Statements

    Salary Statements are issued each year after the School Board approves salaries for the upcoming school year.  

    Salary Statements are available in Employee Online for the entire school year:

  • Frequent questions and issues

    • The annual salary on your Salary Statement will NOT match the annual salary on your W2.  The Salary Statement represents a school year (19-20), which falls over 2 different tax years (2019 and 2020).    Your W2 for 2019 will report part of your 18-19 and part of your 19-20 salary, and your W2 for 2020 will report the rest of your 19-20 salary. 
    • The annual salary on your Salary Statement is a "gross" salary, and doesn't include any deductions for taxes, retirement, or voluntary deductions you may set up.  
    • The annual salary on your Salary Statement represents base pay and career ladder allotments (if applicable), and doesn't include any extra-duty stipends or supplemental pay you might receive, or extra duty days or hours you may work.
    • Salary Statement are not issued to new employees who start after the beginning of the school year.  These employees receive a Letter of Intent with their projected salary for the year.
    • Salary Statements are not updated when employees change positions, assignments, or paygrades throughout the year.  They are issued one time after the Board approves salaries.  

  • Inquiries

    If you believe that the information on your Salary Statement is incorrect (salary or pay grade is incorrect, or years of service are incorrect, etc.,) you may submit an Inquiry using the online form below - Inquiries must be submitted within 45 days of the Salary Statement being issued:

    Online Inquiry Form: 


    Employees may submit an HR Inquiry Request at any time, to include inquiries about your salary after the 45 day limit.

    Call CCISD Human Resources at 695-7250 or send an email to if you need assistance in completing your online inquiry.