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New CCISD Connect parent/guardian accounts have been created for parents/guardians with a valid email address on file.  Guardians were sent an email explaining that they have a new account and describing the steps that must be followed to claim that account.  Parents/Guardians who did not receive an email to activate their new account or do not have an email address on file, should contact the student’s campus to update their information and to generate an activation email.  If you feel like you should have received an email, please check your spam folder.   Parents/Guardians may contact campus staff in the front office with questions related to parent/guardian login accounts.

The Parent/Guardian Account gives parents/guardians access to the Home Access Center as well as the eSchoolPLUS Family App and Programs of Choice systems (for applying to Gifted and Talented, Collegiate, Branch, Metro-E, Metro-Prep, and ECDC).



Parents/Guardians login to the Home Access Center to see Grades, Attendance, and more.   A link to the Home Access Center is available on each campus website.  The Home Access Center also allows parents/guardians the ability to update registration information for their student(s).

Login to Home Access Center



Corpus Christi ISD is proud to add the eSchoolPLUS Family App to its list of tools to better communicate student success.  The app will allow guardians to view attendance, class work, class calendar events, grades and transportation information. Guardians can also send an email to a teacher by tapping the teacher’s name. Find the app in the App Store and Google Play.   Just search eSchoolPLUS Family App.

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Find out more about CCISD Connect and the eSchoolPLUS Family App (Flyer)


eSchoolPLUS Family App User Guide





The Corpus Christi ISD goal is to ensure every student has access to instructional materials and resources necessary to ensure student  success. If the student has not been issued a printed textbook, the parent may request a textbook from the assistant principal in charge of textbooks. Of course printed textbooks are subject to the availability of funding provided by the Texas Education Agency; therefore, it will be up to the campus administration to determine the best way to distribute instructional materials. If a student fails to return a textbook(s) the student, parent, or guardian is responsible for reimbursement of the lost or damaged instructional materials. The average cost of a textbook is $100. A cheaper alternative to the printed textbook could be the online textbook. We are offering Online textbooks to students, parents, and teachers. Online textbooks are now interactive instructional resources with videos, assessments, and eBooks with text to speech features. Parents can access the online textbooks using their child's username and password. Teachers are responsible for showing students how to navigate to the online textbooks and resources. For additional information please see below links on how to access Online textbooks.

Instructions for Student and Parent Access to Instructional Resources.





Get Connected

CCISD Connect is a new way to stay informed about your child’s school and student information.  Our new websites allow you to view the latest information from your child’s school. The Home Access Center provides CCISD parents the ability to access grades, attendance, schedules and assignment information with a single log in account. This information can also be viewed at any time through the eSchoolPLUS Family app which may be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. With the Family App you can access notifications, attendance, class work, calendar, progress reports, report card information, class schedule, bus routes and times and other resources.