corpus christi school board trustees
A collage of three images showing students and teachers in various activities during a school event. The upper left image displays a group of students standing and watching an event, some cheering, with a few teachers supervising. The upper right image shows two individuals in a school setting wearing red shirts with school logos. The bottom image features a line of cheerleaders with red sparkly outfits and pom-poms performing in front of seated students. All participants are engaged in a school spirit event under an outdoor covered area
teacher of the year logo
a group of childs in black suits and ties posing for a photo
a poster for a sports event
a collage of people in different poses
a collage of people posing for a picture
superintendent with Donkey holding an award
a poster for a youth art month
a group of kids in clothing
A person standing in a classroom with a neon sign and motivational banners
teacher of the year winners for ccisd with superintendent
cheerleaders and kids at the ground breaking
beacon cover photo- men and musical instruments
Mireles Elementary School capturing hearts
students with principals and admins
weekly beacon header with apple and large school district winner images